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I’m Tim Parr, the author of Below The Strandline. My crime fiction novel has just been released. It is the result of an absorbing year spent scribbling ideas and wrestling with story plots, often writing late into the night. Rest assured, this author has truly suffered in the creative process. I am now able to free this fledgling into this world. It chirrups for positive reviews and the occasional fat juicy worm to help it grow.

Below The Strandline is available to buy as a paperback, ebook and Kindle eBook from a range of on-line retailers. Please sign up below to receive advance notice of time-limited special offers. If on the other hand you are like me and cannot wait, then for the price of a decent coffee just hit the ‘Buy Now’ button. When you do get hold of a copy, settle into a comfortable chair, undo a button or two, put your feet up and enjoy.

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A body is washed up on a riverbank on the falling tide, its hands hacked off. Enter the murky world of survival and greed that flourishes Below The Strandline. Plunge into this very British crime novel, brimming with murder, intrigue and characters to love or to loathe.

Haunted by a dark past, misfit Jerry runs away to the city. There he meets Scarlet, a kindred spirit who becomes his partner in crime. Meanwhile, a powerful secret society led by former spymaster, Sir Peter, closes ranks against a disloyal member. When a woman is found fighting for her life after a suspicious fall, detective Jack Drummond’s investigation uncovers a brutal gang controlled by a mysterious paymaster. Will they stop him before it’s too late? The plots intertwine as Jerry seeks to confront his nemesis in an action-packed finale.

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