Dear Reader

I’m Tim Parr, author of Below The Strandline. My novel is the result of an absorbing year spent scribbling ideas and wrestling with story plots, often writing late into the night. Rest assured, this author has truly suffered in the creative process. I am now able to free this fledgling into this world. It chirrups for positive reviews and the occasional fat juicy worm to help it grow.

Below The Strandline is available in ebook and kindle formats from a range of on-line retailers for the price of a decent coffee. Just hit the “Buy Now” button below. For those who prefer the feel of a paperback, buy from Amazon or order it from your local bookstore.

When you do get hold of a copy, settle into a comfortable chair, undo a button or two, put your feet up and enjoy.

Best wishes


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Searching for the truth can be murder …

A dark, gripping debut crime novel set in gritty 70s London – perfect for readers of Eva Dolan, J.M. Dalgliesh and Joseph Knox

After a woman is found fighting for her life, a police investigation into the incident quickly escalates to a murder hunt. Plots weave as a runaway with a dark past seeks justice and a powerful secret society closes ranks. A mysterious ringleader of a brutal gang must be stopped before a drugs shipment hits the streets.