What others are saying about BELOW THE STRANDLINE

‘Parr is adept at portraying his fictional world’s most unpleasant elements.’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘An impressive debut that leaves the reader wanting more. Perfect for murder-mystery fans … I could not put it down once I started it. I was forced to finish the book in a single day. It is wonderfully crafted.’ – Reedsy Review

‘How Tim wrote so exactly about young lads growing up in that particular era is uncanny – it was so accurate. I was in London in the period when this book was set, and it’s so feasible you wonder if he has some inside knowledge.’ – Goodreads Review

‘I would have read this in one sitting had time allowed. The author has clearly done his research to produce a story with details true to their era.’ – Amazon Review

‘The short punchy chapters reminded me of Dan Brown. The moral ambiguity reminded me of Line of Duty.’ – Author’s Website

‘An enjoyable page-turning read. Set in the 1970’s, this thriller captures the atmosphere of low-life London really well. There are some good plot twists as well as some funny moments – the book was a nice way to spend a lockdown weekend!’ – Goodreads Review.

‘Congratulations and well done. I think you have set us up for a sequel!’ – Author’s website

‘It’s so good, I couldn’t put it down!’ – Author’s website

‘A rough novel that’s as engrossing as it is bleak … there are worse things than leaving readers wanting more, and they’ll find it hard to leave Parr’s grim story behind.’ Kirkus Reviews