Cold Turkey

It’s been quite a successful weekend. The Christmas tree has been bought and the thirsty thing now sits in the back garden in a bucket of water, gasping. It has had a tough time getting to the tree enclosure at Aldi and I can’t promise it a better life when it moves indoors in aContinue reading “Cold Turkey”

Time Rebel

Here in the UK, we have been gifted an extra hour. The clocks changed last night, so by the time lord’s convention 08:00 became 07:00. For me, Sunday should be a timeless, drifting sort of day, controlled by selfish impulse and hunger. I may be a bit unusual in this but if I can getContinue reading “Time Rebel”

ePubs and Pancakes

I set myself a task last weekend to quickly compile a beautifully type-set ePub file of my new book to upload to a range of on-line eBook sales channels. My mission was to bolster the good works of the jungle people who have their own exclusive file format that is special to them. Browsing around,Continue reading “ePubs and Pancakes”

Poirot and Paddles

After riding the steam train to historic Dartmouth today, we crossed the river by ferry and boarded a paddle steamer in September sunshine. The steamer headed out to sea just beyond the forts guarding the entrance to the estuary before turning upriver. A grey seal lounged on a pontoon and pulled a banana pose asContinue reading “Poirot and Paddles”


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